Friday, June 04, 2010

Album: Kollwitz - Like Iron I Rust

Band: Kollwitz
Album: Like Iron I Rust
Label: Fysisk Format
Year: 2010

01. What You Are Given
02. Green Line
03. A Great Divide
04. And The Stars Did Wander
05. Dispirit
06. Black Star, Grey Sky
07. Stille Før Stormen
08. Like Iron I Rust

Kollwitz was started in the summer of 2006 in Bodø, Norway by members of Beyond The Fences, Oceanism, Uzumaki, Hjertesorg and The Spectacle. In 2007 they relocated to Oslo.

The music itself is based on long and careful progressions, a vast dynamic range and the contrast between beautiful melodies and brutal noise. Many might think of Kollwitz as a metal band, although they feel as much at home in hardcore punk, post-rock and other experimental genres; a soundscape where they try to find common cause between sources of inspiration that seemingly have none.

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