Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Album: Kingdom - Hemeltraan

Band: Kingdom
Album: Hemeltraan
Label: Hypertension Records
Year: 2010

01. .Altema
02. .Ruina.Where Men Go To Die
03. .A Quiet
04. .The Rivers Rage
05. .Elude . :

"This is a reunion of friends. Songs sung to deaf ears who closed their eyes to their tears. Remembering. That nothing is forever in this place."

“Hemeltraan” is the sophomore album by Belgium’s Kingdom, featuring members of Amenra, The Black Heart Rebellion and Blind To Faith, who welcome us into their world of darkness. This new album sees the band further exploring the outskirts of desperate metal, resulting in a slow, mature work of bleak drones, epic doom and fuzzy sludge built on sustained chords and eerie chanting, hypnotizing its prey and conveying a brooding feeling of unease.

“Hemeltraan” was produced by Billy Anderson, known from his work for Melvins, Neurosis, OM, Sleep, Swans and many others.


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data.hypercomplex said...

This album is so bloody fantastic

Ally1987 said...

.album of the year.:

Nordsee said...

Nice writing Ally1987 :P
I agree it's an awesome album, something between Amenra's powerfull stuff and Afterlife :)

dotsnotfeathers said...

this would've been so much better if 'A quiet' had been cut from the album. 7 minutes of garbage on top of the overly long first track. far from album of the year.

Montu said...

@dotsnotfeathers - Some people call that garbage - music, amigo. Take that idiotic attitude of yours and, after you start composing some music, please share it, so, we can understand why you call someone else's music - garbage.
As for the others, there's a japanese limited edition of a self-titled album by Kingdom from 2010, as well, that includes all the tracks from Hemeltraan plus the 3 tracks from their previous demo from 2007 and another 2...So, enjoy it: . Cheers!

Anonymous said...

the "other two" tracks are the first track from their debut cut to three pieces. nothing new. but nice idea. i love them.

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