Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Album: Cloudkicker - A New Heavenly Body EP

Band: Cloudkicker
Album: A New Heavenly Body EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

1. What It Is Impossible Not to Know And What It Is No Longer Permissible To Believe In The United States
2. A Hymn To The Projectile
3. One Enemy Among Twenty-Five Million Friends

New EP from Cloudkicker . This is "]]][[[" remixed and remastered. Re-released 11 November 2010. Original released 05 February 2010

Cloudkicker is the one man progressive metal project from the artist B.M. Sharp, heavily influenced by math metal and post-metal. Sharp utilizes drum machines and custom tuned guitars in his recordings. progressive and instrumental influences are also obvious in his music.


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Anonymous said...

Excellent, very reminiscent of Russian Circles and Pelican, but without the post-rock of the first and the repetitiveness of the latter.

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