Thursday, November 04, 2010

Album: Maserati - Pyramid Of The Sun

Band: Maserati
Album: Pyramid Of The Sun
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Year: 2010

01. Who Can Find The Beast?
02. Pyramid Of The Sun
03. We Got The System To Fight The System
04. They'll No More Suffer From Thirst
05. Ruins
06. They'll No More Suffer From Hunger
07. Oaxaca
08. Bye M'friend, Goodbye

Maserati is a rock band from Athens, Georgia, USA whose sound is best described as post-rock with math, progressive and psychedelic rock influences. Their music is instrumental, relying on the standard rock instrumentation of guitar, bass, and drums. Maserati brings in experimental sounds to produce a unique and complex musical experience.

Maserati began in 2000 with Coley Dennis on guitar, Steve Scarborough on bass, Phil Horan (later replaced by the late Jerry Fuchs) on drums, and Matt Cherry on guitar. They are currently signed to Temporary Residence Limited, based in Brooklyn, NY.

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