Thursday, February 10, 2011

Album: Brotherhood Of Sleep - Dark As Light

Band: Brotherhood Of Sleep
Album: Dark As Light
Label: Catch The Soap Productions
Year: 2011

01. Afterlife Unearthed
02. Naze
03. Aranian Gates
04. Dark As Light

In Autumn 2006 the basis was laid down for a new group from its two founding members, George G. /guitar (ex-Choir Macabre) and John K. /guitar (Afformance). The main concept would be experimentation in heavy music. Without pre-set ideas on how or what to play they’ve started rehearsing giving birth to the first main riffs that would later on constitute the nucleus of what was next to come. On this ride after a couple of months along came Serafim G. (also of Ancestral House of the Sun, Uranium Cardinals, Frank Siddhartha) on drums. A few rehearsals followed with this line-up so they all start realizing their parts within this musical journey and how they could put their personal perspectives to the aid of the whole. Meantime and due to excessive obligations John K. had to leave. Danis A. on bass came in to save the day. The group re-started rehearsing in a frequent and consistent manner to bring out the best possible of each member so that musical entity that would be later referred to as Brotherhood Of Sleep could be conceived, grasped and in depth understood from everyone in the band. An esoteric approach which aims consciously to balance sound, mind and spirit.

… An ancient civilization descending ferociously through the sky. Low frequencies transmitting the Earth’s pulse deep in mountainous caverns where mystics in sacred slumber, share their secrets of old; giving way to the view of a Depthless Sea where all dreams seem to melt… The wind howls like a constant drumbeat above this small town of the East. Hate forecast for those who chose to baptize themselves in lies (yes, hate can sometimes be a noble virtue)… Love for the ones who choose to cherish and admire life’s beauty. Visualize the truth that was always within you. Listen.

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