Thursday, February 10, 2011

Album: Sun Of Nothing - The Guilt Of Feeling Alive

Band: Sun Of Nothing
Album: The Guilt Of Feeling Alive
Label: Catch The Soap Productions
Year: 2011

01. Sink
02. Catharsis
03. Drowned Out
04. Unreached Soul
05. Hearthealer

Sun Of Nothing is a doom metal, sludge, black metal and noise-inspired four-piece band from Athens, Attica, Greece formed in 2000.

“…and the spiral keeps evolving abrasively downwards and inwards, approaching a liquid and unstable core. A heavy and dark core, enclosing the most acid elements: aural extremity, black and white nihilism, grim vagueness, cynical extroversion…”

Following their previous two masterpieces, Sun Of Nothing, the spearhead of Greek sonic extremity’s vanguard, are ready to release in collaboration with CTS Productions their third full length album, entitled The Guilt of Feeling Alive. Beyond black metal bleakness, post-metal ingenuity and post-punk numbness, incorporating Koreisch’s cross-genre eclecticism and Godflesh’s nihilistic aura, combining Shining’s catatonic chord pounding, Khanate’s crawling gloom and Discordance Axis’ ear crushing sonic blasts - Sun Of Nothing manage to create a sonic identity that’s both personal and radical.

Surpassing any easy categorization, they create their unquestionably greatest and richest release to date, adding the peak to an imaginary triptych - a memorial dedicated to the sonic violence and the inner darkness.

Current lineup consists of :

Ilias Apostolakis - vocals;
Giannis Panoutsopoulos - guitars;
Andreas Starogiannis - bass guitar (currently also End, Enshadowed);
Dimitris Zafeiropoulos - drums (currently also End, Enshadowed).


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Celestial said...

Definitely their finest and widest musically album to date. These guys are seriously good and they deserve a bigger audience outside Greece.

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