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Album: Koloss - End Of The Chayot

Band: Koloss
Album: End Of The Chayot
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Gaia
02. Old Sun Rise
03. Kau Boi
04. End Of The Chayot
05. One Wave
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The history of Koloss began in the late summer of 2007, in a small town called Vetlanda, when longtime friends Alexander Johansson and Cristoffer Pinaitis Karlsson decided to start yet another band together. They had played together before in several bands that had broken up for whatever reasons. So Alexander talked to Oscar Siggeström, a guy he worked with as an electrician, and asked if he was interested to start something up. He was, and with him came guitarist Victor Clausson. The band was now complete and started writing some songs together. At this point the line-up was Oscar on drums, Victor on guitar, Alexander on guitar and Cristoffer on bass and vocals.

Most of the songwriting was made by Alexander and Cristoffer and that led to Cristoffer taking over the guitar playing from Victor, and so Victor was left playing bass. This would be the line-up for their first gig at the local festival "Sandskogsfestivalen" in May 2009. In the summer that followed Victor explained to the other guys that he was'nt happy playing bass and that he wanted to play the guitar again. So Alexander stepped in on bass and Victor and Cristoffer were now guitarists of the band. This would be the line-up for their second gig, once again at "Sandskogsfestivalen", in September that same year.

Later that fall Victor left the band and so Alexander went back to playing guitar and the search for a new member began. The guy for this job would turn out to be Henrik Hedberg. So the band started rehearsing a lot and in the beginning of 2010 the band decided to record their work. And so in February 2010 the guys borrowed some equipment and cleared out their rehearsal space. The only thing left in there was Oscars drums, surrounded by a cage of microphones, a sofa with Alexander's computer in front of it and a coffeemaker. And so began the making of "End Of The Chayot". Victor was there through most of the recording sessions to film the progress and to lend a helping hand when needed.

The recordings were completed sometime later that spring and the guys met up at Alexanders to start the mixing process. They took several long breaks during that summer and early fall but at the end of November "End Of The Chayot" was complete.

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great music, i love it!

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