Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Album: Access To Arasaka - Orbitus EP

Band: Access To Arasaka
Album: Orbitus EP
Label: Tympanik Audio
Year: 2011

01. Source
02. Sicral
03. Ellipse
04. Helios
05. Cynosure
06. Relay
07. Kyokko
08. Brilliant Pebbles
09. Photons

Fresh off the heels of his new album ‘void();‘, Access To Arasaka treats us to a fantastic new EP titled ‘Orbitus‘. Based around a detail within the “Takeshi Kovacs” novels by Richard K. Morgan, ‘Orbitus‘ references Martian orbitals that shoot down anything that flies over a specific height, save for one gap near the planet’s equator, and how the characters try to figure out how to bring them down; symbolic of the limitations we place on ourselves and our attempts to overcome them.

‘Orbitus‘ finds Access To Arasaka in top form, incorporating complex, serendipitous beatwork against a stunning backdrop of thick atmospheres and futuristic synthlines. Beautiful and flowing dark electronic music that will surely grace any set of headphones.

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