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Album: Orders Of The British Empire - Rebuild

Band: Orders Of The British Empire
Album: Rebuild
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Rebuild With Gunpowder
02. Apophis Reigns
03. Roundabouts
04. What Would You Do

Formed in 2009, Orders Of The British Empire are a progressive post-rock band from North London. Taking influences form bands such as Mogwai, This Will Destroy You, Oceansize and Pelican. Orders Of The British Empire aim to create a epic and powerful instrumental sound without falling neatly into the genre of traditional post-rock already occupied by other bands.

Orders Of The British Empire have been playing regularly around London and the UK since late 2009 including touring with Alright the Captain (Field Records) in 2010 and in the last year have had the pleasure of playing with countless other great bands from the UK and beyond including Brontide (Holy Roar), Union Sound Set (Mighty Atom), Let Our Enemies Beware (Smalltown America), Aucan (Code 7), Khuda (Field), Three Colours, Gin Panic, Hreda, Monsters Build Mean Robots (NWFA) and many more.

If you would like them to personally subject you to our noise please do get in touch. They will generally play anywhere, anytime for next to nothing.

To date they have self released two EP’s “Rebuild” (2010) and “Act 2” (2011).

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