Thursday, September 29, 2011

Album: Candle Nine - The Muse In The Machine

Band: Candle Nine
Album: The Muse In The Machine
Label: Tympanik Audio
Year: 2010

01. Internally Threaded
02. Penumbra
03. Raison D'être
04. R5-D50-R8
05. Imperfect
06. Wintermute
07. Icarus Descending
08. Kerrianne's Spine
09. Someone Anyone
10. Wintermute (Access To Arasaka Remix)
11. R5-D50-R8 (R2-D2C3-PO Mix By Autoclav1.1)

From his humble beginnings as an acoustic songwriter in Michigan to his recent move to Tympanik’s hometown Chicago, Candle Nine has always immersed himself in the aesthetic of reinvention.  

From his first experience with a sequencer in 2006, the mysterious Candle Nine has done little else but constantly reshape and refine his own sound based upon his own path towards artistic aural expression. Heavily inspired by genre-breaking projects such as Gridlock, Haujobb, Converter, and Download, Candle Nine‘s music is altogether harsh, destructive, atmospheric, and splintered, while all at once being very moving and cerebral. With his mixture of ambient soundscapes, glitched synths and percussion, and shattered IDM-laced breakbeats, Candle Nine pays homage to his influences and ultimately creates a sound all his own.

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