Friday, September 02, 2011

Album: Blckwvs - 0140

Band: Blckwvs 
Album: 0140
Label: Per Koro/This Charming Man
Year: 2011

01. 0141 NO
02. 0142 RD
03. 0143 IC
04. 0144 NI
05. 0145 GH
06. 0146 TS

Heavy, monolithic instrumental.

Post-rock meets the unfriendly atmosphere of the early Switchblade and Cult Of Luna recordings. Dark riffing and spooky organ-vibes team up with a massive bass and drum work.

Blackwaves is an instrumental band from Münster/Bielefeld, whose members look back on an extended activity in various bands (Kinetic Crash Cooperation, Junes Tragic Drive, Love Song Company, Cheer Leaders Of The Apocalypse, Skapegoat). They create a menacing wall of sound consisting of percussion, guitar, bass and synth. Intensivity and atmospheric gravity. It..s heading in the direction of Neurosis or Cult of Luna. A video projection completes the whole project and emphasizes the horror movie soundtrack potential of Blackwaves.

Started as a three-piece without a bass player, BLCKWVS now perfected their sound with a fourth guy on bass. Recriuting their members from well knows HC acts (Cheerleaders Of The Apocalypse, Junes Tragic Drive, Kinetic Crash Cooperation, Lovesong Company, Scapegoat) you will get a quick understanding that this guys are not out to play popmusic. It seems to me, they are doing this stuff to destroy lovely pop afterall.

Over the last years they developed their own style of instrumental music, going the otherway around – from Postrock influenced delay driven guitar work (think of expolsions in the sky) to heavy & amp nihilistic Sludge/Doom infected Bulldozer rock.

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