Thursday, June 06, 2013

EP: Tales Of Murder And Dust - Skeleton Flowers

Band: Tales Of Murder And Dust
Album: Skeleton Flowers EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Tremblin'
02. Laid Bare
03. In Apathy
04. Like Young Gentle Beasts

Danish sextet, Tales Of Murder And Dust, was formed in 2007 with the desire to play noisy and cool rock music. Drawing on inspirations from especially surf music and film scores from classic Spaghetti Westerns, the band quickly gained the attention of the Danish press. When the band released their first EP in 2009, called Peyote, Tales Of Murder And Dust was critically praised for their slow and dreamy soundscapes with attention to folk-like details. 

Tales Of Murder And Dust have spend the years following Peyote honing its musical expression even further, approaching a much more shoegazing sound, while supporting artists such as The Black Angels, Crystal Stilts, Wooden Shjips, and The Blue Angel Lounge. 

On the 20th of March 2012 Tales Of Murder And Dust finally released their long awaited debut album: Hallucination of Beauty is an awesome thought-through record in the name of noise rock and shoegaze, yet with an increasingly obvious psychedelic touch, not least in the instrumentation, which often focuses on strings, percussion and sitar.

On June, 6th they released their second EP by the name Skeleton Flowers.

Tales Of Murder And Dust is Kathrine Kaspersen, Kasper Lund Resen, Jacob Korsgaard Jensen, Kristoffer Vilsgaard, Christian Sinding Soendergaard & Simon Toftdahl Olesen.

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me thinks said...

too many posts, less quality.

Nordsee said...

Well the posts are according to my personal taste :) And yes sometimes there is not a good album for many days or weeks, so I post the best albums I find, but I disagree about Tales Of Murder And Dust. I really like them and I even saw them live. Then again, everyone has their own personal taste. :)

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