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Band: Aussitôt Mort

Band: Aussitôt Mort
Album: Nagykanizsa
Label: Destructure Records
Year: 2012

01. La Ride Du Lion
02. Sur Un Radeau, Des Cannibales...
03. Une Défaite À La Piaule
04. Supraliminaire
05. La Bourse Ou La Vie

Band: Aussitôt Mort
Album: Montuenga
Label: Level Plane Records, Pure Pain Sugar Records, Oto Records
Year: 2008

01. Mort! Mort! Mort!
02. Une Heure Plus Tard
03. Que Le Veilleur Gagne
04. Huit (Part 1)
05. Huit (Part 2)
06. Le Kid De La Plage
07. On A Qu'à Se Dire Que L'on S'en Fout
08. Le Prophète De Malheur

Band: Aussitôt Mort
Album: 6 Songs
Label: Level Plane Records, Denovali Records, Heart On Fire Records, Parade Of Spectres, Puzzle Records
Year: 2007

01. Memoria Grigia
02. Aussitôt Dort, Aussitôt Mort
03. Une Once De Courage
04. Le Désespoir Des Singes
05. Dur Comme La Banalité
06. Percuté

Aussitôt Mort (eng.: «as soon as dead») is a four piece screamo/post-rock band from Caen, France formed in early 2005. Soon after The Apollo Program break up, Antoine, Milouze and Greg – who quit the band later – decided to carry on making music together… They teamed up with good friends and great musicians Pierre (also bassplayer in Amanda Woodward) and Cédric (from the experimental-post-rockish local band None.ID).

 No rules were set, no boundaries erected, just the usual “making music you like with good friends” thing. They first tried to create a new style, “emo-doom”, which could have been called “emoom”, or “doomo”, but they kind of failed. Several months later, some songs have been put together, recorded in le Studio de la Souleuvre, a remote studio in the Normandy countryside. During the process, some played french bowls, a dead mouse was found in a bed, things went pretty good. In early 2009, Pierre left the band to concentrate on being a father. He is replaced by Marc of Karysun.

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Vincent R. said...

Hello, now the name band is "Mort Mort Mort" but not "Aussitôt Mort" for information...

Nordsee said...

Really?? They changed it to Mort Mort Mort? :/

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