Monday, July 29, 2013

Band: Exilym

Band: Exilym
Album: B-Sides
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Man Never Went To The Moon
02. Transmission n#xxx
03. Where Only Dust Remains...

Band: Exilym
Album: No More Freedom
Label: Swarm Of Nails
Year: 2010

01. Welcome To The Second New Era
02. Transmission N.#511 {Under My Feet, Earth Is Burning, And Around Me, The Red Sky Announces The End}/
03. One More Step Before The End
04. Transmission N.#514 {Looking To My Homeworld A Last Time. Now, In Front Of Me, Infinity And loneliness}/
05. The Space Stranger And The Orbital Wish
06. Transmission N.#520 {Nothing Will Be Missed, Excepting Y/ERROR/O/ERROR/U}END/

Exilym, the solo project, was created in 2003, already then distilling an ambient post rock, ethereal, with spatial sonorities. 

Exilym, the band, became real during summer 2009. Formation continues in the same musical range, but decide to accentuate the spatial side, trough the sound, visuals or even the universe told by titles. This second born was cemented around conception of a first real project, EP « No More Freedom », composed of six titles recorded during autumn 2009 at the ObritalStation Studio, and out in March 2010 through the label Swarm Of Nails. Exilym works actually their live set, and a new LP.

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