Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Album: Burning Bright - Domesday

Band: Burning Bright
Album: Domesday
Label: North Cult Records
Year: 2013

01. Sleepless Me
02. Dissolve
03. Bonfire
04. Lights
05. Mayfly
06. Doomsday
07. Vitriol
08. Kalopsia
09. Nightsins
10. Dreamcatchers
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Outrageous emotional crust hardcore from Caen (France) featuring members of Aussitôt Mort and Amanda Woodward. After a well received split with Death Mercedes that drove the band to tour Europe, Burning Bright are becoming more experimental, focusing on emotions. With these ten tracks merging the line between crust/d-beat and screamo, Domesdays shows that they are growing right before our eyes.


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