Friday, August 02, 2013

Band: We Only Said

Band: We Only Said
Album: Your Drab Eyes 7" EP
Label: Thoré Single Club
Year: 2013

01. Your Drab Eyes (Alternative Version)
02. Go Rotten (Alternative Version)
03. Driving My Car (Alternative Version)

Band: We Only Said
Album: We Only Said
Label: Range ta Chambre
Year: 2009

01. Our Monochrome Life
02. Driving My Car
03. Get Out Freakie
04. Go Rotten
05. Cheerful Girl
06. Your Drab Eyes
07. That Evening We Were Alone Together
08. Killjoy
09. Eighty-Sixed
10. I Discovered The Murder

We Only Said is the project driven for almost five years now by Florian Marzano, guitarist in the 8-guitar ensemble of Olivier Mellano’s Pink Iced Club and in the band Trunks, alongside Laetitia Shériff. Florian Marzano shares the stage with Mathias Prime, Stéphane Fromentin, Loïg Nguyen & Pierre Marolleau. As for their music, We Only Said hovers at the crossroads of post-rock (Unwound, June of 44, The For Carnation) and North American indie pop (Minus Story, Midlake).


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