Friday, October 04, 2013

News: What The Blood Revealed

It's with a heavy heart that I can let you all know that What the Blood Revealed have decided to split.

We started way back in 2004 and have met some amazing bands and friends along the way, both in the UK and abroad, and we are truly grateful for the experiences we've had. There are way to many people that have helped us to thank- you know who you are and we love you all. There are also way too many people to thank who came to our shows- you know who you are and we love you all too. Our long suffering loved ones deserve our unending gratitude for the disturbances, late nights and being our most loyal fans. You're all getting a 4-way Blood kiss, seriously.

Hopefully we made some pretty neat music along the way, and have made friendships that will last forever- which is way more important. The guys in the band and the guys who were in the band will be Blood brothers forever, that much I know.

Connecting with like minded people is such a wonderful side effect of making and playing music, kinda beautiful really. And in our lives that are really just the sum parts of their experiences, there have been many, many days to savour. We'll miss this all too much so expect new bands/projects from the Blood's embers next year.

We'll do a farewell gig before the end of 2013, and we're planning to do a short run vinyl release as well to draw a line under the band. Y'never know, we may reform due to huge public demand in a few years

Start that band, play that riff, play it FUCKIN loud, and most of all, MEAN IT! The world can be yours.

Peace, beef and riffs


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