Sunday, January 26, 2014

EP: The Monarch - World Without End

Band: The Monarch
Album: World Without End EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. The Sky Rolled Back Like A Scroll
02. Before The Throne (A Multitude Without Number Clothed In White)
03. Endless Rest
04. For A Thousand Years (I Will Lay My Face On The Ground Before Thee)

The Monarch is Jesse Janzen from Vancouver Island.

World Without End was produced, engineered and mixed by Joshua Field with assistance by Liam Wolstenholme. Additional engineering by Matty Geronimo. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg of Magnus Lindberg Productions. Recorded at Nimbus School of Recording Arts. All music written and performed by Jesse Janzen except guitar on "Endless rest", performed by Dane Letourneau. Additional cello on "For A Thousand Years" by Alex Hauka. Photographs by F. Coloccia and Wes Holmes. Layout and design by Dane Letourneau and Wes Holmes

"This is the first step of my wildest dream.
I thank God for both inspiring and enabling me in all things concerning The Monarch. Thanks go out to Josh for the opportunity to make a dream record with my greatest friend, and thanks also to Nimbus School of Recording Arts where most of this was recorded." - Jesse Janzen


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