Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Album: New Vegas - More Than Mythology

Band: New Vegas
Album: More Than Mythology
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Ensnared
02. Watered Down, All Around
03. Canvases
04. More Than Mythology
05. Les Enfants Terribles
06. Atlas
07. Homes And Coffins
08. In Limbo
09. The Winter Soulstice

"Each of us carry emotions which dictate how we act in our society. It is in essence our defining characteristic. Some carry heavy hearts from haunted pasts, some let fear drive their decisions, and some are just content with being alive even if for just one more day. As evident as these emotions can be and as critical they are in defining our identity, do they stem from anything really important? Do our feelings even matter? When listening to this album, we urge you to feel the music beyond a mere "listen": get lost in whatever feelings it inspires. When you are done, look within and ask yourself if the ideas of passion, self-worth, or identity itself hold any water or if they are no more than mythology." - New Vegas 

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