Sunday, February 23, 2014

Album: Odmieniec - Taniec Ducha

Band: Odmieniec
Album: Taniec Ducha
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Intro
02. Nad Brzegiem Morza
03. Charal
04. Czarna Mewa
05. Ga'an
06. Nadejście Wiosny / Duchy Lasu
07. Widziałem Człowieka Nad Wodą Stojącego
08. Wendigo
09. Taniec Ducha
10. Bilet Poproszę, Tak Połówkę - Improvisation (Bonus Track)

"Odmieniec" is a single musical project, brought to life in January, 2014 by Jakub Czyż (ex-Faaip de Oiad). The album was entirely recorded in home studio. On the album you can hear a lot of instruments: electric guitars, acoustic guitar, harmonica, wooden flute, plastic flute, rainstick, metal bowl, and a variety of different sound effects, such as birds chirping or human laughter. "Taniec Ducha" (Ghost Dance) is an attempt to describe myself, my fears, pain, experience, an attempt to tame with my traumas. It's a lonely journey, searching for my own identity, the desire to ally with nature, locate what is between the world of the present and world of the absent. The experience of what was important once, and now has been forgotten. "Taniec Ducha" is a ritual, a prayer for the coveted freedom, independence, happy life, but in the end, it's announcement of war, painful loss and death. - Jakub Czyż

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