Monday, November 24, 2014

Streaming: To Destroy A City - Sunless

Band: To Destroy A City
Album: Sunless
Label: n5MD
Year: 2014

01. The Messenger
02. Theta
03. Stand Before Me
04. Escape / Return
05. Last Contact
06. First Light
07. Understanding In The Between
08. Daylight Station
09. Visionaries

Chicago-based To Destroy A City was formed after Andrew Welch (drums/synths/programming), Jeff Anderson (guitar/keyboards), and Michael Marshall (guitar) met through various iterations of previous musical projects. When the three finally sat down together in the summer of 2010, they moved quickly, writing and recording their debut within a year's time. The self-titled album was released by n5MD in September 2011. The remix companion album, Rebuild, was released in 2012 and featured reworked tracks by local scene-mates as well as other artists from the n5MD roster. To Destroy A City’s sophomore full-length album entitled Sunless is due in the fall of 2014. On Sunless, To Destroy A City expands on where they left off, drawing from cinematic, literary, and musical influences to craft a sprawling yet cohesive follow-up. Sonically, To Destroy A City moves effortlessly between delicate ambient passages to beat-induced grooves to soaring melodic peaks. Electronic beat production is intertwined with live percussion, while layers of guitars, synths and pianos forge the melodic foundation of the tracks. The uninitiated may find To Destroy A City analogous to label mates Lights Out Asia and port-royal, and, due to some periodic drifting into similar spaces, the wide-screen ambient guitar duo Hammock.


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