Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Streaming: Baulta - Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday

Band: Baulta
Album: Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Stormchaser Of The Year
02. Different Me, Brand New You
03. Out Of Gravity
04. Farewell, My Furry Friend
05. Nothing Seems To Make You Smile Anymore
06. El Diablo En Casa
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Baulta was formed in the 2008-2009 in Jyväskylä Finland, by Matti, Tom, Jami and Iiro.The idea was not try create the wheel again, but to play music they liked to listen and play. Music that didn’t hail the power from vocals, but from layers and textures. You could categorize them as post-rock, post-metal, alternative, but in the end it’s the music that speaks for itself.

As the first album was being made, the idea of releasing the music free was grew amongst the band. The reason for that was, that if nobody would’ve even listened to the music they would have made the music anyways. The music was and still is a way for the members to survive in this crazy world.

2011 was the year that the world saw the release of their first album "Deeply Sorry To Interrupt Your Megalomania". Shortly after the release of the album and some attention from the public, they started producing their next album.

With their new bass player Janne they produced and recorded most of the album by themselves during 2012 and in December of ‘12 they released their second album "That’s My House Your Living In". The album got considerable amount of exposure around the world and received positive reviews from the fans and critics. 

From the sessions of 2012 they had 3 songs which they planned to release as a separate EP and in May of 2013 it saw the light of day: "Greatest Solos Of Mr. Bellini Vol. 1".

In the fall of 2013 Baulta stepped up into the live-scene by playing in some gigs and started recording their new album "Any Fool Can Regret Yesterday", which was released in December 2014. It is planned to be pressed on vinyl in early 2015. Currently Baulta is Tom, Matti, Iiro, Miro and Markus and together they shall continue playing ever-evolving instrumental music.


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