Monday, December 01, 2014

News: Blogovision 2014

Today post-engineering's TOP 20 for Blogovision starts. Blogovision is a TOP 20 among greek blogs and it's held from 1st to 20th of December. Each blog posts one album everyday as a countdown from 20 to 1.

This TOP 20 is based to my (Nordsee) personal taste and has nothing to do with the readers' poll or how good this year's releases were. I'm sure everyone has his/her own favorite albums and that there are many more great releases out there, that were worthy to be on this TOP 20. Unfortunately I have to pick only 20 and it depends on what I was expecting from each release and how much a new band has surprised me.

E.g. I expect more from a Cult Of Luna release than a debut album from a newcomer band.

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