Thursday, May 07, 2015

Streaming: SVK - Avernus

Band: SVK
Album: Avernus
Label: Doognad Records, Pug Nose Records
Year: 2014

01. Parched Rivers, Branches Bare
02. Abandoned Houses
03. An Altered Perspective
04. Tarpeian Rock
05. Road To Avernus
06. Into The Void

SVK was formed in 2010 by Music Technology-students at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Today, the band consists of: Amund Ulvestad (synths/cello), Håkon Nybø (bass), Kristian Mäkinen (drums) and Claus Sohn Andersen (guitar).

The wide range of influences (post-rock, progressive rock, jazz and experimental electronic music) is plainly evident in their recordings. Still, there is a sort of coherent method to the madness, which makes their music distinctly “SVK” however we approach the making of it.

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