Wednesday, June 10, 2015

EP: We Had A Deal - Counting Leaves

Band: We Had A Deal
Album: Counting Leaves EP
Label: Fear Of Heights Records, Through Love Records, Skin And Bones Records, Boslevan Records, Middle-Man Records, Unlock Yourself Records, Upwind Records, Shove Records, Lafine Records, Desertion Records, Pure Heart Records, Aorte Records
Year: 2015

01. Let’s Hope Galileo Was A Goddamn Liar
02. Y.O.Y.O. (You’re On Your Own)
03. Agnostic Manifests Pinned To A Thousand Trees
04. Reprise
05. Putting The “Fun” Back In “Funeral”
06. I Don't Keep A Diary
07. The Secret Society Of Concrete Shoes

We Had A Deal is four-piece whatevercore-band from Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart/Tübingen (Germany) that combines hardcore, 90ies screamo and a bit of punk rock.

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