Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Album: Rosetta - A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion

Band: Rosetta
Album: A Dead​-​Ender's Reunion
Label: Self Released
Year: 2016

01. Back to Where You Began
02. (Untitled VI) [Living Phantoms Remix]
03. Rain Falling On A Factory Roof [Redux]
04. (Untitled III) [Living Phantoms Remix]
05. Red In Tooth And Claw [SP808 Remix]
06. The Nomad
07. Hodoku [Living Phantoms Remix]
08. The Order Of Things
09. Oku [Living Phantoms Remix]
10. Au Pays Natal [2005 Acoustic]

"It contains remixes, reworkings, rarities, and more, drawing from all 12+ years of our work. Purchasers get loads of bonus tracks and additional content, based on fan requests over the years.

It bears repeating, too: we continue to be deeply grateful to our fans for sustaining our efforts for so many years. Thank you so much!" - Rosetta

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