Saturday, January 09, 2016

Streaming: Charun - Stige

Band: Charun
Album: Stige
Label: Cave Canem DIY, As Above So Below Records
Year: 2016

01. Clinamen
02. De Brevitate Vitae
03. Divina Voluptas
04. De Tranquillitate Animi
05. Intermundiae

Charun is a four piece instrumental post-rock/post-metal band from Sardinia, Italy. Formed in 2013 they self-released a 4 track demo “De Ortu Solis”, and teamed up with Cave Canem DIY and As Above So Below Records for the release of the full length “Stige”. They combine post-rock atmosphere with doom tendencies and exhausting and evocative metal driven ambiance.

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