Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Recommendation: BOG - Unshriven

Band: BOG
Album: Unshriven
Label: Self Released
Year: 2017

01. Vague Dreams
02. Heedless
03. Spare
04. Marrow
05. Vanish
06. Fellow Traveller
07. Primus Inter Pares
08. Stay
09. Mère
10. Ninety-Two
11. Unshriven
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BOG is a four-piece post-metal band from Vienna, Austria, founded by Tim Primbs as an emotional outlet to cope with several experiences with death. Narrative arcs follow the woven dynamics of the sound. Sonic leitmotifs, ambient layers and authentic songwriting create an unmistakably unique sound.

Unshriven is a concept album, or, more precisely, a station album: 11 tracks shape 11 stations. Two parallel levels (reality and metaphor) tell the stories of two travelers. The first level reveals the story of the 17-year-old, seriously ill girl. The second level is the accompanying metaphor: it tells of Sputnik's journey through colours, emptiness and darkness, of its homesickness and its attempt to return home. An ambivalent construct of hopeful, melancholic melodies and raw, destructive energies creates the emotional sonic images that make the last journey of life comprehensible. Distinctive ambient sound layers, acoustic leitmotifs and dynamic sounds from time and space are accompanied by the voiceover of thanatologist Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross.

Unshriven has various guest musicians from the Austrian and American post-rock scene and other related genres. For the album production, Tim Primbs cooperated with Matthew Prokop (Lehnen), Josh Wing (Sól, USA), Joel Boyd (Lehnen) and Julia Schwarzer (CAYES, AT) and Chris Pobaschnig (Mountain, AT). Will Benoit, known for his work with post-rock bands like Caspian, Junius, City of Ships and Lehnen, did the mixing and mastering.


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