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Album: My Own Private Alaska - MOPA

Band: My Own Private Alaska
Album: MOPA
Label: Self Released
Year: 2007

01.Die For Me (If I Say Please)
02.Page Of A Dictionary
03.Ego Zero
04.Kill Me Twice
05.I Am An Island
06.First Steps

T:Piano Y:Drums M:Yelling

A trio that cannot be pigeonholed.
Three sitting musicians.
A pianist. And notes that take you far, far away from all these sacrificed landscapes.
A drummer, striking the beat as if today was the last day to live.
And a singer, condemned to scream without respite his acute romanticism, his sly violence and his desperate nihilism...
Three musicians sitting on a bomb.
If there was an unhappy medium between Danny Elfman, Helmet, Chopin and Will Haven, it would surely be on an iceberg, somewhere in Alaska.

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