Saturday, May 31, 2008

Album: Since (Time) - Entropiate

Band: Since (Time)
Album: Entropiate
Venerate Industries
Year: 2008

01. Introverse
02. Two Questions and three Complaints
03. 3am_1000 thoughts_min
04. Please Light, Clarify Yourself for Me
05. Through That Dark Cloud Came Our Redemption
06. Horizon's Exode

Band Members:
Stefanos A. : Guitar
Agis M. : Guitar
Nikos X. : Bass
Konstantinos K. : Drums

Since (Time) are a greek post rock / instrumental band. They started in Athens in 2003 and have since recorded a demo in 2005 and played in several gigs including supporting acts at the latest Red Sparowes & Intronaut gigs. Their debut album has been released - mixed and produced by Stam (Mencea , 210studios) - , by Venerate Industries.


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how long has that been dead

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A loooooong time :) We replace links only by request. It's hard to keep 1000+ links alive :)

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