Sunday, May 11, 2008

Album: The Fog In The Shell - A Secret North

Band: The Fog In The Shell
Album: A Secret North
Label: Dufresne Records
Year: 2004

01.The River
02.Livings' Dreams Are Deads' Lives
03.A Man Escaped
05.Toward The Crimson Eye
06.I Can Be The Chaos, They Can Be The Structure
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Band members: Graziano Barone, Luca Fontaneto, Marco Guizzi, Nicola Zenone, Adriano Fontaneto

The Fog In The Shell mix different elements such post-metal, post-rock, math and noise, like Isis, Neurosis and Clann Zu, dark atmosphere like My Dying Bride, but in several parts also feels the melancholic by Nick Cave and Black Heart Procession.


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Anonymous said...

awesome album!! epic, melancholic & very atmospheric.
thx for posting & uploading it :)

m_s ;)

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