Thursday, July 24, 2008

Album: Seven Nautical Miles - Every Ocean Reversed

Band: Seven Nautical Miles
Album: Every Ocean Reversed
Label: Sound Devastation
Year: 2008

02.Hide Away The Sun
05.Our Eyes
06.Take Me Away

Simon Wärja - Guitar
Robert Holmström - Bass
Johan Nordlund - Drums
Mikael Holmberg - Guitar
Henrik Nyström - Guitar
Mathias Öystilä - Vocals & Electronics

When the interest for the thrash-metal band 'Machinery of Suffering' ended, Johan and Simon walked away from the old team and got together to make something different, something filled with emotions greater than the past pig-kicking could evoke.

They teamed up with Robert and later on Mikael joined as well. Robert was a fried that shared the same taste and visions, and Mikael felt like a natural step, since he and Johan had been partners in crime for a long time.

Seven Nautical Miles started to write songs and recruited the vocalist Dag to complete the symbiosis. Some songs were recorded but a few gigs later Dag moved south, and the search for a new vocalist started.

Pretty soon a lad named Mathias showed his interest, and as he was known from the great Luleå act 'Re Vera' he was tryed out and also got the job as the vocals fitted perfectly. About eight months later the band started thinking about recruiting a last member for a third guitar.

Henrik who have played with Mathias in Re Vera was interested, Seven Nautical Miles thought he seemed like a perfect fit - and there we are today. Some shows have been played, the debut album have been recorded, The future is yet to be seen...


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