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Album: Jesu & Battle Of Mice - Split

Band: Jesu & Battle Of Mice
Album: Split
Label: Robotic Empire
Year: 2008

01. Clear Stream (Jesu)
02. Fallin From Grace (Jesu)

01. The Bishop (Battle Of Mice)
02. Yellow And Black (Battle Of Mice)

Several years in the making, the long-awaited Jesu / Battle of Mice split is finally available. Each band has two exclusive, lengthy tracks on this limited-edition release. Jesu, comprised of the cult-followed Justin K. Broadrick, showcases "Clear Stream" and "Falling From Grace," two pieces towards the darker end of the spectrum he's created under the Jesu moniker. Battle of Mice contribute the two most sinister songs they've recorded, "The Bishop" and "Yellow & Black." Heavier than the material found on their A Day of Nights debut, yet more dynamic overall, these tracks from Battle of Mice--possibly the final to be recorded by the band--compliment the Jesu material well. While both bands utilize traditional "heavy music" instruments, they are also unified by keyboard usage, atmospherics, and other unique elements to vary it all.

Battle Of Mice
Newly formed from members of Neurot Recordings’ label mates, Red Sparowes and Made Out of Babies, Battle of Mice delivers a crushing heaviness you might expect, but at the same time creates stunningly beautiful moments of lush guitars and elegant vocals, powered by slow, methodic drumming.

Battle of Mice is comprised of Julie Christmas (Made Out of Babies) on vocals; Josh Graham (Neurosis visuals, Red Sparowes) on guitars/keyboards; Tony Maimone on bass (Book Of Knots, and previously of Pere Ubu); and Joel Hamilton on drums, who has worked with Sparklehorse, Unsane, Frank Black, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, and more.
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Jesu is a band formed in 2003 in Abergele, Wales, UK by Justin Broadrick following the breakup of Godflesh. Jesu was the name of the last song on the final Godflesh release, Hymns. and Broadrick decided to adopt it as the name of his new project.

The first release, the Heart Ache EP, was released in 2004 and featured Broadrick playing all of the instruments. It was followed in 2005 by the full-length self-titled LP, which featured the addition of bassist Diarmuid Dalton and drummer Ted Parsons, although not every song featured both new members.

With their third release, 2006’s four song Silver EP, Jesu took a more melodic and layered approach, gaining comparison to shoegazing band My Bloody Valentine.

Their second full-length album, titled Conqueror, was released in February 2007 in the US, UK, in Europe and Japan. The Japanese edition also contained a bonus disc featuring the two tracks that constitute the ‘Sun Down’ / ‘Sun Rise’ EP, released elsewhere as a 12” album on April 23.

‘Pale Sketches’, a collection of older solo works from 2000-2007 was released in October 2007 on Justin Broadrick’s own label, Avalanche along with a new four song EP entitled Lifeline, released by Hydra Head in the United States and Daymare in Japan.
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You can pre-order the split (out on 12.08.08) from here or here

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