Thursday, January 01, 2009

News: Mono and Isis new albums

2009 is expected to be a year with new releases from two great bands from the post-rock/metal mouvement:

Today Mono announced via their MySpace and their official pages the release of their 5th album, entitled Hymn to the Immortal Wind, scheduled for release in March

The band has also made a site with more info for their new album and a preview of the album's first track "Ashes In The Snow".

Moreover, Isis' frontman Aaron Turner, revealed in his personal blog that all tracking for their new album is finished at this point, 6 of the 8 songs are mixed and that the new song that the band debuted during their recent european tour is entitled "20 minutes/40 years".

You can download the live version of the new Isis song here (pw:

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talcko said...

excellent blog.. Lookin forward to both albums... having troubles downloading 20 minutes/40 years from meagupload... could you upload it to rapidshare please.. thanx in advance..

de-loused said...

I uploaded it to a multihost service:)

talcko said...

excellent.. thanx for the quick response.. i cant stop listening to this song.. keep up the good blog..

DZGN™ said...

The new Isis song is soooo good.

Also check