Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Album: Anduin & Jasper TX - The Bending Of Light (Split)

Band: Anduin & Jasper TX
Album: The Bending Of Light (Split)
Label: SMTG Limited
Year: 2009

01. A Beam of Light Folds Back Upon Itself…
02. …Producing Great Jets of Radiation
03. Everything Disappears in a Tunnel of Light…
04. …Where a Star Once Was
05. Like the Foot Prints of an Invisible Man…
06. …Walking in the Snow
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The Bending Of Light is a collaboration between Gothenburg Sweden's Jasper TX (aka Dag Rosenqvist) and Richmond Virginia's Anduin (aka Jonathan Lee). These six tracks, titled with quotes from Carl Sagan about the formation of a black hole, are monstrous vacuums of darkness broken apart by rays of light. The deep guitar tones and wavering synthesizers layered over waves of textured sound creates electronica that's totally subtle yet strikingly beautiful. A wonderful addition to both artist's growing catalog of music. Artwork by Dan Owen. Mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate). LP version is limited 300 copies in silkscreened jackets with both the vinyl and the CD inside.

Anduin is the solo project of Souvenir’s Young America’s Jonathan Lee. He constructs dense ambient/drone sounds with a collage of found sounds and rupturing static. Named in honour of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings


Jasper TX
Jasper TX is Dag Rosenqvist, a now grown man who started studying double bass and participated in bands from an early age. When he discovered recording through a borrowed 4-track cassette recorder Jasper TX was born. His music is mainly guitar driven but when a layer of drums, voices, organs, toy pianos, field recordings and effects are added it becomes something quite special and unique.

So far Jasper TX has released an album called ‘I’ll be long gone before my light reaches you’ on the label Lampse and a limited edition 3” on Kning Disk called ‘So now we’re ghosts no more’.

His music can be compared to artists such as Fennesz, Sigur Ros, múm and Tape but is really something of its own.



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