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Album: Oceana - Birth.Eater

Band: Oceana
Album: Birth.Eater
Label: Rise Records
Year: 2009

01. Breather II.
02. The Family Disease
03. The Constrictor
04. Dead Speaker
05. Mother Love
06. In Birth
07. Boneworks
08. The Abortion Plan
09. Boa
10. I Came As Dust, I Left As Dust
11. The Spine Collection
12. Devil Walk, God Walk (Heaven Walk, Hell Walk)
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BirthEater is the second full-length album from post-hardcore band Oceana and first impressions are it’s fucking creepy, dark and melodic. Going in a completely different direction and experimenting with different time signatures and unconventional chord progressions, it’s hard to believe this is the band that brought out The Tide.

BirthEater sees the addition of a new vocalist Brennan Taulbee (taking over from Keith Jones the ex-vocalist who did vocals on The Tide) and drummer Denny - although opinions seem to be mixed on the new replacement members.

All of the songs on BirthEater paint the picture of abandonment, sadness, pro-life, miscarriages and abortions - but Brennan seems to make this theme work for the album as it is his story (he was supposedly meant to be aborted when his mother was pregnant with him). BirthEater is so amazing that it sounds like Oceana are a completely new band, they sound completely different.

I think a lot of people are only saying that BirthEater is less technical than The Tide is because they don’t sound like the same band as they used too, I think change is good. There’s no point in being a band if you’re not going to step out of your comfort zone every once in a while. Thrice seem to accomplish this feat with ease.

Lyrics such as “something didn’t want you to live in me, my body rejected you, you don’t belong to me and after the body’s clean they have to make room, for me to sleep” sung in ‘Dead Speaker’ give you an uneasy feeling, they sound creepy, Brennan passionately sings every single word with a slight tremor in his voice.

Brennan obviously has a talent for writing lyrics that appease to the ears and also manage to hit you right in the heart at the same time, songs with meaning are far more pleasing to listen to than songs with no originality or message in them.

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