Friday, May 15, 2009

Album: Tides From Nebula - Aura

Band: Tides From Nebula
Album: Aura
Label: Rockers Publishing
Year: 2009

01. Shall We?
02. Sleepmonster
03. Higgs Boson
04. Svalbard
05. Tragedy Of Joseph Merrick
06. Purr
07. It Takes More Than One Kind Of Telescope To See The Light
08. When There Were No Connections
09. Apricot
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Tides From Nebula were created in January 2008. They have been playing music for a long time, but now they decided to join the forces to create something a little different, than their root-bands. Tides from Nebula just released their debut album ‘Aura’. Stay tuned and check out their blog, which will be some kind of ’studio diary’ for some time.

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Anonymous said...

amazing band and artwork

thurston said...

Amazing album. Energic post rock, very emotional. If you like Caspian, Long Distance Calling, or Rosa Parks, this band is for you. Songs are complex patterns switching between pure energy and deep emotional period. Very nice guys and album price is only 10 euros at their website
Really support them; we need more albums from this young promising bands!!!

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