Friday, July 30, 2010

Album: Time To Burn - Is.Land

Band: Time To Burn
Album: Is.Land
Label: Basement Apes Industries
Year: 2007

01. Is
02. Nayeli
03. Emma Peel
04. Tormenta
05. .
06. Isle Of Men
07. Tsering Lhamo
08. Sang
09. Gream
10. Land

Thus the backbone of their music is to be found in major out-standing noise hardcore bands such as Botch, Shora, Shovel, Cult of Luna, Neurosis and Breach, thus incorporating further elements of punk, hardcore and rock n’ roll, so that they could stick firmly to the post-hardcore scene. With sensitive hands and shyness, they can achieve to move on their music to post-rock edges. Time To Burn brings their own menace to their songs, partly parting ways with math structures to incorporate crushing waves of metallic heaviness which can foresee a bright future on this ground. And if so Time To Burn would provoke an immense crush on their music with an overwhelming doom sludge. Next compositions will tell us. 'Is.Land', wide and deprived of all influences, has hit the underground in October 2007 after being captured at Geneva's TVO studios where Time To Burn feels affiliated with.

Official Site
Vinyl: Radar Swarm | Debello Recordings
CD: Basement Apes Industries

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