Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Band: Sensual Noise

Sensual Noise uploaded a new song from their forthcoming release "Chasing Swans" on their myspace.

Short about:

Sensual Noise is an experimental down-tempo hardcore band coming from the Belgian coast. We've started out in 2004 as a 4-piece band to become this 5-piece atmospheric doom assault that we are today. Our 2-song concept demo "Psychedelic bugtown" got released in November 2008 and a following CD "Chasing Swans" is planned for release in 2010. We strongly support and believe in d.i.y. actions.


Sensual Noise made it's first steps during the summer of 2004. Four good friends started making music together and soon the first concerts followed. Since 2006 we started playing more experimental and slower music and in 2007 David joined us as a 2nd bass player. From that moment we played around 50 shows, among them at an abandoned stone factory, on the beach and at the lappersfort forest occupation. We did a 3-day mini-tour with Corova (GER) through Belgium and the Netherlands and we shared stages with bands such as Kylesa, Rosetta, Amen Ra, Bossk, Tephra, Overmars, Jakuzi’s Attempt, Alpinist, Maudlin, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, …

As a band we stand for evolution and movement, we make music that we don’t experience as being played a thousand times before and will continue to be an eclectic collection of a variation of influences.The band name itself is more an ironic guideline then some kind of tough or cool label on our music or attitude. Due to the fact that we are most of all rooted in hardcore-punk and screamo scenes we’re d.i.y. oriented, not really fixed on the financial aspect and most of all not afraid of the socio-political aspect.

About the upcoming album:

Chasing Swans (2010)

With "Chasing Swans" Sensual Noise presents itself more varied, more intense and stronger than ever. Musically Chasing Swans is a dynamic puzzle of styles and influences, but thematically it is one whole. In that whole you’ll find subjects such as the liberating aspect of movement, political activism, the need to put things in other perspectives and reflection on itself. All of these come together in each of the songs, and each track is in this way a different view on the same whole of subjects. In many aspects Chasing Swans is a natural evolution in comparison to Psychedelic Bugtown. But this doesn’t have to mean that there’s little or no difference at all between both releases, on the contrary.

We're still looking for a label to release our newest product "Chasing Swans"!

If you have any interest/way to help us out, please contact us through ewoudvandepitte@gmail.com

Thank you so much,

Sensual Noise

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