Sunday, July 25, 2010

Band: Caravels

Band: Caravels
Album: Floorboards
Label: Radical Friends
Year: 2010

01. Iceland
02. Greenland
03. Buddy System
04. Sixty Acres
05. Meat Wave
06. Safety Jobs

Band: Caravels
Album: The Earthling Sessions
Label: Radical Friends
Year: 2008

01. Dark Obsession
02. Snake Plissken
03. Flawless Victory

Caravels is 5-piece band from Las Vegas, Nevada, who play a unique brand of post-hardcore, owing just as much debt to early screamo acts (Portraits of Past, City of Caterpillar) as they do to At The Drive-In and These Arms Are Snakes.

Caravels are:
Dillon Shines: Guitar
Matt Frantom: Guitar
Mike Roeslein: Vocals
Cory Van Cleef: Bass
George Foskaris: Drums

Thanx to Michael from the band for sending us the album.
Please support the band, buy the album.

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