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Album: Del Rey - Immemorial

Band: Del Rey
Album: Immemorial
Label: Golden Antenna / At A Loss Recordings
Year: 2010

01. Return Of The Son Of Fog Rider
02. E Pluribus Unicorn
03. Innumeracy
04. Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars
05. Ouisch
06. These Children That Come At You With Knives
07. Ancestral

Eben English: guitar, bassVI, keyboards, drums, programming
Chris Cowgill: bass, bassVI, keyboards
Damien Burke: guitar, bassVI, bass, keyboards
Michael Johnson: drums, keyboards, programming

Twelve years of playing post-rock is a long time. Del Rey has done exactly this, and with "Immemorial" they release their fourth album. The driven post-rock contains psychedelic moments as well as some ambient influences (the beginning of "Ouisch"); actually, most of the time Del Rey shares tones from nineties instrumental rock with us.

The sound is very basic (Albini style) and that's no wonder since Shellac's Bob Weston shares the recording home with their producer Jason Ward. "Silent weapon for quiet wars" is the best example to describe Del Rey's sound. Melancholic melodies are accompanied by up tempo beats, switching quickly between the different parts of the songs. Sometimes the guitars are fragile, but most of the times they're heavy and striding towards the next breathtaking melody.

The band can be described as a stripped-down version of Mogwai on speed without keyboard and dragging parts. The Spartan approach pays off; Del Rey always stays to the core of the song. “These children that come at you with knives” is one of the best songs on ‘Immemorial” and you can hear Del Rey is an experienced band playing clean and heavy instrumental post-rock.

They are not the luckiest band on the planet since their van was robbed two times and also all their equipment was stolen from their practice room at the time the recording session of this album was halfway. Luckily they could finish the record otherwise we never heard beauties like “Return of the son of fog rider”. -

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