Thursday, October 21, 2010

Album: Some Are Gods - Demo

Band: Some Are Gods
Album: Demo
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Thus, We Send The Sheep Amongst The Wolves
02. The Peasant Prince
03. Faster, My Friend... The Old World Is Behind You

We don’t really create music. We like to say that music is an expression of our souls. What you hear is us. The energy flows through us. We want to remind everyone that music is the harmonic connection between everything in existence. Manifested during winter of 2009, we came into the stagnant and dying music scene of Lake Charles, Louisiana. We came together not only from similar musical backgrounds and similar musical influences, but we strive to bring something new to not only the local music scene, but all musical scenes worldwide. We hope to show something new that the post-rock world has not yet seen. We want to bring something new, but we also want to learn from others. Blending the heaviness of metal with the beauty of post-rock we hope to be an influencing factor that will sonically assault the ego and liberate the soul. - Some Are Gods

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