Thursday, October 14, 2010

Album: Heirs - Fowl

Band: Heirs
Album: Fowl
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2010


01. Dust
02. Fowl
03. Burrow
04. Tyrant
05. Men
06. Mother
07. Drain

Upon returning to Melbourne after 67 shows across Europe and Japan, Heirs commenced work on their second album, Fowl.

With the baton of core song-writing being handed from drummer Damian Coward to guitarist, Brent Stegeman, Heirs turned their attention toward their electronic underbelly, honing in on the industrial vapour and blackened ambiance that permeated their debut, Alchera, distilling the underlying sense of melody with an arresting sense of dread. Fowl displays a deliberate shift towards a broader sonic palette, enabling the band to incorporate disparate influences and approaches to create a sound that is uniquely their own.

Fowl deals with the human processing of the ornery – the filth we feed upon to entertain us, to sate our hunger, to gratify our sexual desires, to escape our reality or simply to facilitate our survival. Fowl is an exploration of the consumption of filth, the nourishment it provides and the way we excrete it back into the world, calling into question the notion of morality and its place in an increasingly faithless populace.

From wheezing blasts of industrial steam to weeping passages of gothic suspense, Fowl is a fully realized analysis of the repugnant. Its pugilistic rhythmic foundation, reverb soaked guitars, crackling electronics and deadpan dark-wave meditation create an abstract drone-scape of industrial dirge and metallic ambiance coalesced into an ambitious whole.

Recorded and mixed by Neil Thomason at Head Gap in June/July 2010, and produced by Brent Stegeman and Damian Coward, Fowl is a 45-minute journey inside the proverbial machine and represents a band confronting the visual and aural atrocities of the quotidian.

Brent Stegeman: Guitar/Synth/Electronics/Programming
Damian Coward: Drums/Electronics
Laura Bradfield: Bass Guitar
Ian Jackson: Guitar
Miles Brown: Theremin/Synth/Electronics

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Ocean's Next Victim said...

Just found this cd today, and it's beyond words. It's depressing and dark for an endless stretch it seems, and then it becomes a whole new trip. Definitely one of the better cds of the year.

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