Monday, November 14, 2011

Album: Näo - Näo

Band: Näo
Album: Näo
Label: Ant-Zen
Year: 2011

01. Glad
02. Ilogic
03. Uusi (V3.0)
04. Calibrate
05. Nope
06. Imago
07. Mechanical
08. Somme (V2.0)
09. Trent
10. Killing Time

With a computer at his fingertips and a mind full of ideas, Pierre-André Pernin started Näo in 2002 as a one-man project, joined later by the drummer Thibault Fellmann, the guitarist Jordan Daverio and the video designer Matthieu Tercieux. So in it’s current form Näo comprises 4 members. 

The band's musical influences range from Amon Tobin and Nine Inch Nails to Krush or 65daysofstatic - over the years Näo have gone beyond these influences to amaze audiences at already a hundred concerts and festival appearances in France and Germany with their unique, previously unheard sound. At the studio as well as on stage, Näo develop and shape melancholic and aerial music, exploring moods from contained rage to lyrical digital outbursts. Like a surgeon, Pierre-André meticulously crafts mesmerizing melodies and down-tempo beats. 

His penchant for synthetic layers and for skillfully chiseled keyboard compositions gives his' music a unique and strange atmosphere, progressively immersing the listener into Näo's world. To this already enriched enchantment Thibaud and Jordan add their rhythmic impulses and abrupt riffs, creating a mixed beast of electro-noise, melded with brute, highly energetic guitars and spliced with elements of post-rock, metal and IDM into something very unique and powerful. 

With Näo the album, Näo the band presents a mesmerizing combination of playful electronica and anthemic, impulsive rock elements. Join in, and be warned - their electronic odyssey has only just begun...

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