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Band: They Say We're Sinking

Band: They Say We're Sinking
Album: Echoes Of The Great War EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Beth (Declarer)
02. Kaph (Invocation)
03. Gimel (The Wandering)
04. Teth (The Keeper)

Band: They Say We're Sinking
Album: Telos (Single)
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Telos

They Say We're Sinking is an instrumental (some would say "post") rock band from Delaware. Each member, having spent time in various local and touring bands that consisted of a few different genres (Your Eyes My Dreams, Gray Lines of Perfection, Likeminded, Mother Against Daughter, Say It Again), decided to collaborate on an instrumental, ambient-rock project that began during the summer of 2009. After spending time acclimating to each other's playing styles and developing a reliable songwriting process, they began to steadily play shows beginning in 2010. They have stayed mostly local, but have already developed a solid reputation for intense live performances.

The band does not pretend to hide behind their influences, but underneath any perceived similarities one might find elements that set their music apart. The band does not trudge slowly in calm soundscapes, nor do they linger within heavy and explosive distortion. The music in constant fluctuation, with each softer melodic part always preparing to gain steam until the momentum gives way to a firestorm of devastatingly beautiful, almost post-metal, high points.

In a genre that is most often characterized by apocalyptic and dystopian soundscapes, They Say We're Sinking has often been noted to have more of an uplifting sound, which one reviewer called a "defiant hope". Their "Echoes of the Great War EP" is a raw, bold testament to the emotional journey the band is capable of portraying. There are moments of angst, of fear and chaos, of victory and righteousness, and above all, of truth and beauty.


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