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Album: Behzad Mehrnoosh - Himlavalvet

Band: Behzad Mehrnoosh
Album: Himlavalvet
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Aftonrodnad
02. Himlavalvet
03. Allt Vi Vill
04. Bort, Härifrån
05. Besvikelse
06. Klippstränder
07. Jag Vill Också Vara Som Du
08. Den Här Platsen
09. Himmelens Barn
10. En Sång Om Hopp
11. Tretton Änglars Död
12. Världsalltet
13. Dom Låter Oss Aldrig Vara
14. Jag Vet Inte Vem Jag Är
15. Vår Samtid Är En Sorgetid

Behzad Mehrnoosh started as a side project to get away from the tense environment of bands and to straggle any limitations or restrains in the music. The whole reason as to creating the project was so I could do whatever I wanted, without having to deal with any of the moral or idealistic consequence. This is me trying to break my shackles.

In his words : I am a part-time student/part-time musician. The combination of the two isn’t exactly preferable and therefore, at times the process of music writing/recording tends to take a bit more time than it normally should. As for now, everything is and has been done on an amateur level, which means that all of the recordings and mastering have been done in my home “studio”. If not noted on an album or a song, then everything you hear is and has also been recorded by myself. Even the packaging of the physical records and releasing them has so far been done completely DIY-style, with the help of some good friends.

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