Tuesday, March 05, 2013

EP: Glorie - Falling

Band: Glorie
Album: Falling EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Sunshine Then Nightmares
02. Run Away
03. Smoke
04. Falling
05. The Lotus

Instrumental band, Glorie, was formed in Memphis in the spring of 2009 by former Satyrs frontman, Jason Paxton, after an eight year hiatus from playing music. The other members of Glorie (Jonathan Kirkscey, Robert Brimhall, Andy Saunders, and Jeff Hulett) come from diverse musical backgrounds and have performed with an impressive array of artists such as Cat Power, Jay Reatard, The Bloodthirsty Lovers, Snowglobe, the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, and Al Green.

The band started as a desire to create more substantive, engaging instrumental music with a strong focus on melody. Their music blends acoustic, electric, and electronic sounds and draws inspiration from many genres including rock and instrumental hip- hop. Texturally, the instrumentation is diverse including layers of strings, synthesizer, guitar, piano, and vibraphone creating an entrancing thick wall of sound with a cinematic quality.

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