Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Album: Old World Vulture - Trophy Lovers

Band: Old World Vulture
Album: Trophy Lovers
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Slave Traders, Horse Thieves & Other Villains
02. J.R. Flood
03. Moon
04. Patterson-Gimlin
05. Yer Exotic
06. Trophy Lovers
07. Last Kicks Of A Dying Horse
08. Soft Target
09. Stella

How did Toronto’s Old World Vulture come to produce the hulking slabs of synth-heavy instrumental rock they’ve built their reputation on? Call it a happy accident.

Musically, their backgrounds are diverse: Mike Costanzo (guitar) and Anthony Perri (bass) played together in a band with a penchant for Guided by Voices-inspired rock, Devin Hughes (synthesizers) was a member of a pop-rock band, and Jamie Hunter (drums) was a singer-songwriter. When the band formed in 2008 , the idea was to breathe new life into abandoned songs from previous projects. Instrumental music wasn’t the intention, but it quickly became apparent that doing away with lyrics was an avenue worth exploring. It was an opportunity to push melody without using a microphone, to experiment with dynamics and maybe cause a little tinnitus along the way.

Prefaced by a trio of digital singles, the band independently released their self-titled EP in 2010 and quickly set out to make a mark on Canada’s instrumental music scene. Recorded at Audiolab Recording Company in Toronto by Chris Hegge (Fucked Up, Meligrove Band), the six songs debuted the electronic-versus-analogue nature of their sound; where curious rhythms and uplifting synth melodies float above a sinister and aggressive foundation. Perhaps best outlined by !earshot, the band can “make your skin crawl and make you take a deep cleansing breath all within the space of a single song.”

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