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Album: Row Boat - ETT

Band: Row Boat
Album: ETT
Label: Bottle Imp Productions
Year: 2013

01. Ett
02. Prova
03. Frostavallen
04. Rädslan
05. Fix Your Bones
06. By Winter's Night
07. Aurora
08. Igloo
09. Kämpaglöd
10. Annika

'ETT' is the incredible full length debut album from Row Boat and follow up to the successful 2012 EP 'Svaret är ja'', which drew interest in the UK and US.

Row Boat is an ambient/post rock project, which has been active seen 2009. The music is written, arranged and played by Mark Wardale which can be described as ethereal layers that meet crashing Post-Rock with horns and strings. Much of his work is based on geographical and Scandinavian references.

The first release was August 3rd 2009, in the shape of the four track ambient EP 'Romance'. The tracks were minimalist, ethereal and instrumental, as much of Row Boat's previous work has been. Following this, was another release of 'Svaret är ja' , translating to 'The answer is yes'. The six tracks drew from the ambience of the first Row Boat EP and added elements of post-rock; a transition that was slowly being added to Mark Wardale's songwriting. This release attracted attention from companies in the UK and US, prompting Mark to begin work on a full length debut album and continue to add the post-rock transition into his music whilst keeping the ambiance and beautifully haunting atmospheres that brought the layers together.

Ett was produced by Mark Wardale.

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