Monday, December 23, 2013

Best Releases: Honorable Mentions

Band: So Hideous
Album: Last Poem / First Light
Label: Self Released
Favorite Track: My Light

Band: Everything in Slow Motion
Album: Phoenix
Label: Facedown Records
Favorite Track: Get Out

Band: Glaciers
Album: Mirrors Through The Ancients
Label: Self Released
Favorite Track: Southwest Of Heaven

Band: There Will Be Fireworks
Album: The Dark, Dark Bright
Label: Comets And Cartwheels
Favorite Track: Youngblood

Band: Errata
Album: L'autre Hemisphere
Label: Tokyo Jupiter Records
Favorite Track: Entracte

Band: Sed Non Satiata
Album: Mappō 
Label: Echo Canyon, Adagio830, Protagonist Music
Favorite Track: San Andrea

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